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Blog Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on October 19, 2010

4 Thought provoking issues from  The Kept-Up Academic Librarian blog : ~~~~~~

1. The average book in an academic research library is only checked out once every 50 years. Read about how a library dean is using these statistics to cut his collection in half.  Read more here>>>

2.  For Many Students the Academic Library Is Not About the Books The future of printed books may be in doubt, but students still flock to the buildings created to hold those books. “It’s where I come to get away from all that.”

3.  The library is the most heavily used building on the Tampa campus, with 2 million visits each year but they are not here for the books….Read more>>>

4. Rental Textbooks are the hottest thing on campus

US college students scavenging for affordable textbooks soon realize that some people pay full price, and some find bargains. Now thousands are benefiting from a convergence of new legislation encouraging professors to be aware of costs and a market-driven explosion in rental offerings. Renting is among the cheapest of several options. Read more here >>>


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