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Objective 1: Promote Optimal Use of the Millennium System in GAELIC member libraries

Posted by gaelicnotes on October 19, 2010

The Group held a very successful Show and Tell workshop once again at the National Library of south Africa. Presentations can be found on Slideshare at  Slideshare Fotim

IUG-SA 9th Conference on Millennium Maximized! : to maximize the products in Millennium in order to make the most of our integrated library system. Organized by IUG:SA (INNOVATIVE USERS GROUP SOUTHERN AFRICA) from 10-12 November 2010. 10th to 12th November 2010, at the University of Botswana (Botswana)

Maybe we need to consider this option…….No More Library Cards at UK School: Fingerprint Scanning Now Being Used to Checkout Materials (Read the comments From Popular Science June 7th )

Medical students at University given text books on iPhones
Read more by Sean Coughlan of BBC News

American Library Association has published a very useful guide to library space and buildings in the 21st century … The Academic Library Building in the Digital Age: A Study of Construction, Planning, and Design of New Library Space, a research study conducted by Illinois Institute of Technology Dean of Libraries Christopher Stewart.


some good advice here

How to conquer your feed reader
are you “overwhelmed by their Google Reader, so much so that not only are they regularly declaring Reader bankruptcy”?Here are some suggestions for mastering it.”…
From Librarian by Day, Sept. 28

Five tips for keeping track of your passwords
“some great tools and services available to users to not only keep your passwords secure, but to also make them accessible and usable from multiple computers or web browsers” Five favorites
From My Life Scoop, Sept. 20

How to recover broken MP3 files

If a file suddenly has choppy sound or doesn’t play at all, and if a collection of songs can’t be added to iTunes, here are some apps that will help you detect the fault.”

From MakeUseOf, Sept. 21

Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report An  ACRL report  which can be downloaded

Measuring the impact of libraries The Free Library of Philadelphia has partnered with economists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government to conduct an economic impact study on why people use the library and how it affects their lives.”…
Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 19

The future of online socializing
The social benefits of internet use will far outweigh the negatives over the next decade, according to experts consulted in the Pew Research Center’s fourth Future of the Internet survey (PDF file). Read what they have to say about email, social networks, and other online tools
Pew Internet and American Life Project, July 2

Need to edit an MP3 file? ….. With the free Online MP3 Cutter you can extract just a few seconds of audio from a larger file without losing any sound quality in the process.

From Instructify, Aug. 24


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