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Objective 2 Build capacity through identification and provision of training needs and services for the optimal utilization of resources

Posted by gaelicnotes on October 19, 2010

Disability Notes

EBSCO adds text-to-speech

EBSCO Publishing has added text-to-speech support to its EBSCOhost databases, by embedding Texthelp Systems’ SpeechStream toolbar. Users will be able to take advantage of this new feature with any full-text articles available in HTML. Text-to-speech support allows users to read along while a human-sounding voice speaks the text on the screen….
From Library Technology, Aug. 26

Read about the : Unisa Library Services to Clients with Special Needs on the UNISA Library blog

Capacity Building  Notes

Final report: the demand for and supply of skills in library and information services, archival services and records management. This report commissioned by the Dept. of Arts and Culture (DAC) and compiled by the consultants EE Research Focus (Pty) Ltd and Content at Work is available for download at the DAC website (under “What’s new”) or pdf link here

Marketing academic libraries in the 21st century

by Shawn Hartman comments that effective marketing strategies are imperative for survival. Some guidelineson the effectively marketing of library services is discussed

Résumés are on the way out
“Technology is making the résumé obsolete faster than we think” Using LinkedIn profiles in lieu of résumés. The website Unvarnished takes LinkedIn recommendations to another level by making the reviewer anonymous. Other sites such as oDesk and Elance give some ides of the future of résumés
From GigaOM, Sept. 19

No more “library orientations”

by Rob Weir who writes: “After years of frustration, last spring I gave up on the library orientation for my students. Instead, I decided to try making a library specialist an ongoing part of my writing seminar.”
From Inside Higher Ed: Career Advice, July 16

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has released a podcast (4:30) on 21st-century skills by IMLS Acting Director Marsha L. Semmel, who explains what 21st-century skills are, where the movement came from, and where libraries and museums fit in. Read about the Plain-language facts on 21st-century skills
From Institute of Museum and Library Services, Aug. 11

American Library Association has released the 2nd ed of Teaching information literacy to college students with 50 lessons showing how to engage students with electronic and print information resources alike….
ALA Editions, Aug. 6

Building literacy around the world
Room to Read founder and Executive Chairman John Wood talks (4:51) with CNN Money about his organization, which has built more than 10,000 libraries around the world using big-business practices and social networking.
CNN Money, Aug. 6


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