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Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Closure of FOTIM

The FOTIM Board have decided to close the foundation and to find new homes for the programmes. Please read the letter here. We are all busy trying to negotiate a friendly “take over” for all the programmes. The FOTIM Office has closed permanently on the Wits Campus.  We bid a sad farewell to Lorraine Young who ran the office for the past year or so. The virtual offices will be closing for the Summer break from the 15th December until early in 2011 and any further contact with the foundation can be made directly through the programme managers.

We hope to continue for a few months still to enable us to shut down all processes and finish off all projects but we will not be planning anything new.

VUMA! Portal Notes

The Vuma! portal continues to be developed and add value to the student first year and adapting to student life experiences.  Some of the new content is in the form of Toolkits that help students to deal with such issues as money matter, careers choices, financial aid advice and the overall education system in South Africa.  These kits have been developed for students to access information, quizzes, videos, fast facts and more aimed at helping students adjust and make the most of university and life.   We encourage you to register and try them out.

MONEY TOOLKIT – information on banking, budgeting and spending. Videos, quizzes, fast facts, glossary and more.

CAREER TOOLKIT – Start mapping your career today. Access information, quizzes, videos, and start your own Career Log.

FINANCIAL AID TOOLKIT – Find out more about all your financial aid options. Information, quizzes, fast facts, glossary and more.

STUDY GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICAN EDUCATION TOOLKIT – This is a good place to brush up on the study options available to you in South Africa. Access tons of resources, quizzes and more to learn about how the South Education system works and how it can benefit you as a student.

Disability Project

The SALIT Project

Thank you to all for their participation in our survey. The results are being analysed and the report is scheduled to come out in early 2011.

Hopefully you have all received your video on the training of library staff  as well.  Read about the Open Rose group here >>>>>

The South African Library for the Blind in proud to announce that its catalog is now available to all on the Library’s Website.

Access, library exceptions named top WIPO priorities
At the November meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a 2-year plan was drawn up to improve access for the print disabled and identify potential library exceptions in international treaty agreements. (District Dispatch, Nov. 15)

Text to Speech: “Elsevier Enables Its E-Books to Read Aloud, Increasing Access for People with Print Disabilities” December 8, 2010 17:33  Read the article from Resource Shelf


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