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Welcome Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Dear All

Well we have nearly reached the end of another year and what a year this has been with much football excitement and many challenges.  I know that everyone is feeling the need to slow down and relax a bit and though many have gone off on their leave breaks already there are still a few of us slogging away. So happy reading.

It is with great sadness that we closed the Wits Office in Senate House on the 10th of December and bid farewell to Lorraine Young who ran the office for the past year or two.

It is also with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Lawson Ricketts the Assitant Manager of the VUMA! Portal Programme.

We shall miss you both!!!

This will be the last posting for 2010 so I want to say Best Wishes for season and travel safely and see you in the New Year

The Staff of FOTIM wish you well over the festive season and strength for the new year and thank you for all the support given us during 2010

Anke, Lawson, Lorraine, Tanya and Carole

(PS read about the book tree below under Library Trivia Notes)


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GAELIC Celebration Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

*Congratulations to: Dr B Mbambo-Thata on being elected as the 2010 Unisa Woman of the Year

* To all staff members who wrote exams. Let’s hope they went well.

The GAELIC Strategic Plan

Well the GAELIC Summer Camp 2010 has come and gone and we had a really good time with lots of networking and discovery of new ideas or different ways to do thing. Read all about it and access the presentations here.

Once again thanks to all who participated by presenting or attending this event and thanks again to the National Library of South Africa (Pretoria Campus) for the use of their facilities.

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Library World Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

The launch of the Unisa’s Mobile Library …

The Unisa Library is the first academic library in Africa to introduce this service on wheels which allows then the  opportunity to take library material, resources and training to remote clients.

Congratulations to the President, Ms Naomi Haasbroek and the President-elect, Ms Ujala Satgoor We wish you and the Representative Council much success.

12th LIASA Annual Conference opening speech by Ms Lulu Xingwana is now available on the LIASA website Take a look >>>

SA Library week– 19-26 March2011

The theme for the 2011 SA Library week is  “Read in Your Language @ Your Library”. One of the aims is to get the slogan translated into all 11 official languages. The lack of a reading culture is of great concern and greater awareness should be raised.  While reading is high on the agenda from various sectors, the Library Week theme speaks to this issue, stresses the importance of mother tongue instruction while at the same time promotes the use of libraries.  Read more here>>>>

A new revamped Rhodes University Library ….

Take a look at the new library Photos

Read about the project here >>>>

The Bodleian Library expands
The official opening of the library’s new £26-million ($41-million U.S.) book storage facility in South Marston, Wiltshire. Over the next year, nearly six million books will be moved there this is the biggest book move since the Bodleian first opened its doors to scholars in 1602…. (from BBC News, Oct. 7)

  • African Portal: an Open Access repository on Public Policy The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) announced the launch of the Africa Portal, an tool to share insights on Africa and publish work on policy issues.  A collaboration between CIGI, Makerere University in Kampala, and the South African Institute of International Affairs in Johannesburg it features an online library collection, issues section, experts directory, and international events calendar  Being open access the information is free for full-text download.

The NLSA joins the World Digital Library Project : John Tsebe signed a partnership agreement with the World Digital Library Project (WDLP), a joint project of the Library of Congress and UNESCO, which makes significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world available on the internet   From a U.S. Embassy (South Africa Announcement):

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Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Closure of FOTIM

The FOTIM Board have decided to close the foundation and to find new homes for the programmes. Please read the letter here. We are all busy trying to negotiate a friendly “take over” for all the programmes. The FOTIM Office has closed permanently on the Wits Campus.  We bid a sad farewell to Lorraine Young who ran the office for the past year or so. The virtual offices will be closing for the Summer break from the 15th December until early in 2011 and any further contact with the foundation can be made directly through the programme managers.

We hope to continue for a few months still to enable us to shut down all processes and finish off all projects but we will not be planning anything new.

VUMA! Portal Notes

The Vuma! portal continues to be developed and add value to the student first year and adapting to student life experiences.  Some of the new content is in the form of Toolkits that help students to deal with such issues as money matter, careers choices, financial aid advice and the overall education system in South Africa.  These kits have been developed for students to access information, quizzes, videos, fast facts and more aimed at helping students adjust and make the most of university and life.   We encourage you to register and try them out.

MONEY TOOLKIT – information on banking, budgeting and spending. Videos, quizzes, fast facts, glossary and more.

CAREER TOOLKIT – Start mapping your career today. Access information, quizzes, videos, and start your own Career Log.

FINANCIAL AID TOOLKIT – Find out more about all your financial aid options. Information, quizzes, fast facts, glossary and more.

STUDY GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICAN EDUCATION TOOLKIT – This is a good place to brush up on the study options available to you in South Africa. Access tons of resources, quizzes and more to learn about how the South Education system works and how it can benefit you as a student.

Disability Project

The SALIT Project

Thank you to all for their participation in our survey. The results are being analysed and the report is scheduled to come out in early 2011.

Hopefully you have all received your video on the training of library staff  as well.  Read about the Open Rose group here >>>>>

The South African Library for the Blind in proud to announce that its catalog is now available to all on the Library’s Website.

Access, library exceptions named top WIPO priorities
At the November meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a 2-year plan was drawn up to improve access for the print disabled and identify potential library exceptions in international treaty agreements. (District Dispatch, Nov. 15)

Text to Speech: “Elsevier Enables Its E-Books to Read Aloud, Increasing Access for People with Print Disabilities” December 8, 2010 17:33  Read the article from Resource Shelf

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Objective 1: Promote Optimal Use of the Millennium System in GAELIC member libraries

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

III news              

Innovative Interfaces, Inc.has endorsed the recommendations of the Knowledge  Base and Related Tools (KBART) Working Group, (comprising NISO and the UK Serials Group) to improve data quality in the knowledge base supply chain. Read more>>>

Neil Block is named as the new Innovative Interfaces President who will cover sales, marketing, product development, and customer service. He will report directly to Jerry Kline, Founder and Chairman of Innovative Interfaces. Read more>>>>

Report back from the :IUG-SA 9th Conference on Millennium Maximized! :

Congratulations to UNISA for winning the GAELIC floating trophy for the most presentations

Read more here >>>>

Technology notes

Eric Griffith writes: … perform some consistent maintenance for a PC to treat you well in return…. 14 things you can do to repair your relationship with your computer.      (from PC Magazine, Oct. 8)

Seth Rosenblatt show you how to remove malware infections from your computer. FAQ and this How To video (3:40)
CNET: Download Blog, Oct. 19

Sean Fitzpatrick writes that he realized from reading the ‘11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011.’ How nearly all are relevant for libraries (from AL: Perpetual Beta, Dec. 1)

  • now generates QR codes Read how you can automatically generate QR codes which can be used by a mobile QR code reader to direct you to shortened links. To create a QR code, visit, write or paste in a URL address, click “shorten,” and add .qr to the end of the generated link.   (Mashable, Oct. 13)

  • The Desk Setup
    21 librarians reveal what hardware and software they use and what their dream setups are. By Brett Bonfield

15 useful mobile apps for conferences
15 apps that are helpful at conferences and events but maybe not so useful elsewhere. By Aliza Sherman (GigaOM, Oct. 20)

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Objective 2 Build capacity through identification and provision of training needs and services for the optimal utilization of resources

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Disability Notes

EBooks: “DAISY to Epub converter announced by Don Johnston Inc.” Don Johnston Incorporated, announced a new software conversion tool, DAISYtoEPUB. This tool converts DAISY 3 (Digital Accessible Information System) electronic files into EPUB, an XML format to easily navigate through digital books and publications.  Read more>>>

Capacity Building  Notes

“As trainers, we don’t question the value of staff development” But do our managers, directors, and funding agencies agree with us?. Here are two reasons why training is essential and three key efforts for moving it forward.”…  (ALA Learning, Nov. 30)

Stephen Bell writes about our role in higher education and where we fit into the structure of colleges and universities…
(from ACRLog, Dec. 1)

  • Is it our job to teach? Read what Eveline Houtman has to say in “Trying to figure it out”: Academic librarians talk about learning to teach” in Library and Information Research, Vol 34, No 107 (2010) . Full Text: PDF

British Library Chief Executive Lynne Brindley writes: “To continue to play their part in enriching the cultural life of the nation, libraries and archives are going to have to work fast and take the digital lead.

  • Read the British Library’s 10-year strategy plan.

2020 Vision (PDF file)

  • ARL’s 2030 scenarios on the future roles of researcher and collections

Read the guide to scenario planning, which identifies four main areas.  By Lynn Blumenstein

  1. The Research Entrepreneur
  2. Reuse and Recycle .
  3. Disciplines in Charge .
  4. Global Followers .

or Read more about the scenario project here  project’s website.

or the four scenarios

or Read the comments on the  roles of the librarian in the 4 scenarios by Jennifer Howard         Four very different futures imagined for academic libraries (from Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 19; Association of Research Libraries, Oct. 19)

  • The Unknown cataloguer

So, let’s hear it for the Unknown Cataloger playing her or his part in the sublime mission of preserving and transmitting the human record and the more mundane task of enabling the discoveries of Professor Hebden-Snorkel and her many colleagues that will, if all goes well, …..”   Read more>>>


Celebrating National Gaming Day
Read about a National Gaming Day and other gaming resources such as Games and Gaming Resources wiki, especially the Advocacy and Gaming and Literacy sections, the Librarian’s Guide to Gaming.  (from AL: Ask the ALA Librarian, Oct. 26)

Look also at this useful list of links ………..The Connection Between Literacy and Gaming

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Open Access & Institutional Repositories

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Creative Commons Public Domain Mark
Creative Commons has released the Public Domain Mark, a tool that enables works free of known copyright restrictions to be labeled in a way that clearly communicates that status to the public and allows them to be easily discovered over the internet. Creative Commons, Oct. 11

Read about Andrew Rens, the former leader of Creative Commons South Africa

from Creative Commons » CC News by Allison Domicone

Letter from featured Superhero Andrew Rens, former Lead for CC South Africa

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Open Access Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

  • The Library of Congress is actively exploring development of open-source software for supporting digital stewardship activities.   Read more here>>>

  • Dead Sea Scrolls To Be Digitized in New Project from Israel’s Antiquities Authority and Google   Read more>>>October 19, 2010 18:43    Look at the exhibition

The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library is to document the entire collection of the Dead Sea Srolls by using updated  technologies  to image the entire collection of 900 manuscripts comprising c. 30,000 Dead Sea Scrolls fragments and to make the digitized images freely available and accessible to anyone anywhere in the world on the internet.  With thanks from Resource Shelf

The site also features quick links to World Bank open databases, RSS feeds, new content alerts, and COUNTER-compliant usage statistics for librarians.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Bibliotheca Alexandria adopts the use of the Summon web-scale discovery service to modernize access to its expansive collections through an integrated search of all types of content—print, digital and every format in between – from a single search box. Read more

  • Microsoft Windows is 25 years old!!!  

25 years of Microsoft Windows
Preston Gralla takes you through the image gallery highlighting the system’s development.  Computerworld, Nov. 19

Are users customers? The architects of the new library in Almere, The Netherlands designed the library using the appeal of a retail store. Books are arranged in themed zones rather than by call number and are displayed cover out, spine out, or in small piles. The meandering bookcases create an adventurous, textured environment….
Contemporist, Nov. 18   

Booking to the future
The Colorado State Library conducted a survey to check current library professionals’ predictions for the future of the paper book.  From an  American Libraries feature

The Association of College and Research Libraries comes up with the more tools.  Along with other very valuable reports such as  Futures Thinking for Academic Librarians (PDF), the 2010 Top Ten Trends in Academic Libraries, and the Value of Academic Libraries report, the ACRL has now compiled the new ACRL Plan for Excellence (PDF) and invite comment and input.

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Blog Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

From the UNISA Library Research Blog…..

Quality metrics in academic libraries: Striving for excellence

Article by   Leoné Tiemensma of the Midrand Graduate Institute presented at  QQML2009: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, International Conference, Chania Crete Greece, 26-29 May 2009

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Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

First bookless academic library branch?
The University of Texas at San Antonio claims to have the USA’s first completely bookless library on a college or university campus. It has the seating capacity for 80 people and offers students a rapidly growing collection of electronic resources that includes 425,000 e-books and 18,000 e-journal subscriptions….UTSA Today, Sept. 9; UTSA College of Sciences News, May

The UK Royal Mail has launched the world’s first “intelligent” stamp, the first to work with image recognition technology. It launches online content when used in conjunction with an  iPhone or Android smartphone. Users place the camera over the stamp, which then launches the online content. Read more>>

World Book Night…. 5 March 2011.

One million books will be given away free in the UK and Ireland.  Some 20,000 volunteers will hand out 48 copies each of their favourite book from a 25-strong list and a further  40,000 will be distributed by organisers. Continue reading the main story

Books on the list include Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, Bennett’s A Life Like Other People’s, Nigel Slater’s Toast, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, and Yann Martel’s Booker Prize-winning Life of Pi

Noteworthy Reads

Stress test for reference librarians
“People think librarianship is easy”   Dealing with stress and burn out.  

Wait! You can’t retire without sharing that with us

Worried about succession planning – you are not alone.. Are you worried about the departure of staff with well-honed reference skills, years of experience a deep knowledge of the collection and traditional resource>  Read more>>>about what to do about retirement’s brain drain.”…  American Libraries feature

The role of Information Literacy in the provision of virtual reference services at the enquiry desk”
by Daniel Beck in Journal of Information Literacy (4.2) Available here

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Take Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

ALA Library Fact Sheet Number 22  –

The Nation’s Largest Libraries: A Listing By Volumes Held (and other library-oriented fact sheets)

The American Library Association (ALA) has just placed online an updated fact sheet listing the 100 largest libraries in the U.S. by volumes held.

Here are the Top Five:

1. The Library of Congress 32,818,014 Volumes Held

2. Harvard University 16,250,117 Volumes Held

3. Boston Public Library 16,141,095 Volumes Held

4. Yale University Library 12,519,514 Volumes Held

5. University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign 11,686,060 Volumes Held    Access the Complete List.

See other ALA Library Fact Sheets here :

Some examples include

with thanks to Gary Price …. Resource Shelf

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Cataloguing Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Recently Released: “Guidelines for the Assignment of ISBNs to E-Books and Apps”

The International ISBN Agency has issued a set of guidelines and FAQs to assist national ISBN agencies, publishers, intermediaries and other interested parties in the appropriate identification of digital publications, including “apps”. Direct to Document (3 pages; PDF) (Source: International ISBN Agency  See Also: E-books and ISBNs: a position paper (International ISBN Agency, February 2010) Hat Tip: D. Dillard and Net-Gold )

WorldCat. New record use policy

“WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities for the OCLC Cooperative”       effective August 1;

outlines the rights and responsibilities associated with stewardship of the WorldCat bibliographic and holdings database by and for the OCLC cooperative.   Read more>>>

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eBook Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

ALA Editions has released a new book No Shelf Required: E-Books in Libraries, edited by Sue Polanka which includes an introduction to e-book readers and the sharing of library e-book expertise plus some forward-thinking ideas with practical information that can be implemented in all kinds of libraries….
ALA Editions, Sept. 24

Read a commentary on the ideas here  Fitting e-books into today’s library



Sony is taking steps to open up its e-book Reader and online e-book store but this might not mean smooth sailing just yet as they still have to implement copyright controls. Read more here>>>>>

Ebook Lending

The battle for the right to lend e-books
Tom Peters writes: “The battle for the right to lend e-books has begun.” … ALA TechSource Blog

  • Lending Kindle Books. Kindle is to introduce better lending for Kindle so that you  can loan your Kindle books to other Kindle device or Kindle app users for a loan period of 14-days. The lender cannot read the book during this loan period. BUT not all e-books will be lendable and the publisher gets to decided on the titles that can be loaned.    Read more here >>>

How not to get libraries to lend e-books by Andy Woodworth …… “In time of cutbacks, the idea of libraries turning into service stations for e-reader devices has to be a frightening one.”

the Lockout of library lending by  Benedict Page and Helen Pidd

  • Google is set to launch its e-book store Google eBooks, (formerly Google Editions), launched in the USA on 6 December. The site will allow users to download three million e-books to a range of devices Google’s eBook service is expected to launch in Europe in 2011.  Continue reading the main story

Test-driving Google eBooks Linda Holmes comments on this launch and the level of compatibility with computers, iPads and iPhones, Android devices, standalone e-readers including Sony and Nook devices, as well as others that run Adobe Digital Editions but not the Kindle Reader.  There is more on the promotional video (2:13)…. NPR: Monkey See, Dec. 6

And Finally the 5 Laws of Ebooks



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Library Trivia Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

20 heroic librarians who save the world
Charlie Jane Anders gives us 20 librarians who save the world every day. “If information is power, then there’s no hero mightier than a librarian. Librarians are superheroes, adventurers, explorers, and invaluable guides to other heroes.

Are books smelly?
So what is it about the smell of books? Read what Stephen Abram has to say on Stephen’s Lighthouse, Nov. 9

Audubon’s Birds of America has become the world’s most expensive book. A a copy was recently sold for just over £7.3m.  There are only 119 complete copies of this 19th Century book and most are owned by museums and libraries.   Read more>>>>

Thinking of having a library face lift. Take a look at some of these photographs of beautiful college libraries Take a look >>>>>>>>>>

Delta College Library’s bookish Christmas tree
Jennean Kabat, reference librarian at Delta College in University Center, Michigan, spent six hours with a couple of coworkers carefully assembling a Christmas tree made out of books
Bay City (Mich.) Times, Dec. 3

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Future Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

The DISSAnet series of conferences are a biennial event to showcase South African and Southern African research in the broad field of Information Science. Previous conference details and papers to be found on the website at

  • ASAIB Conference 13 May 2011    [Ditsong Military Museum, Saxonwold, Johannesburg]

Call for papers Marlene Burger 012-4296585  Madely du Preez 012-4296792

  • 77th IFLA World Library and Information Congress: ‘Libraries Beyond Boundaries: integration, innovation and information for all’     San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 13 – 18    2011.

The call for papers is out for several sessions already with the cutoff date in Jan 2011.

Reference and Information Services Section

Theme:Innovative Information Services in the Digital Environment”  Deadline for proposals: 22 January 2011 ‘Innovative Information Services in the Digital Environment’

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Quote of Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

As a child, my number one best friend was the librarian in my grade school.  I actually believed all those books belonged to her.  ~Erma Bombeck

Libraries keep the records on behalf of all humanity. the unique and the absurd, the wise and the fragments of stupidity.
Vartan Gregorian

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