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Library World Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

The launch of the Unisa’s Mobile Library …

The Unisa Library is the first academic library in Africa to introduce this service on wheels which allows then the  opportunity to take library material, resources and training to remote clients.

Congratulations to the President, Ms Naomi Haasbroek and the President-elect, Ms Ujala Satgoor We wish you and the Representative Council much success.

12th LIASA Annual Conference opening speech by Ms Lulu Xingwana is now available on the LIASA website Take a look >>>

SA Library week– 19-26 March2011

The theme for the 2011 SA Library week is  “Read in Your Language @ Your Library”. One of the aims is to get the slogan translated into all 11 official languages. The lack of a reading culture is of great concern and greater awareness should be raised.  While reading is high on the agenda from various sectors, the Library Week theme speaks to this issue, stresses the importance of mother tongue instruction while at the same time promotes the use of libraries.  Read more here>>>>

A new revamped Rhodes University Library ….

Take a look at the new library Photos

Read about the project here >>>>

The Bodleian Library expands
The official opening of the library’s new £26-million ($41-million U.S.) book storage facility in South Marston, Wiltshire. Over the next year, nearly six million books will be moved there this is the biggest book move since the Bodleian first opened its doors to scholars in 1602…. (from BBC News, Oct. 7)

  • African Portal: an Open Access repository on Public Policy The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) announced the launch of the Africa Portal, an tool to share insights on Africa and publish work on policy issues.  A collaboration between CIGI, Makerere University in Kampala, and the South African Institute of International Affairs in Johannesburg it features an online library collection, issues section, experts directory, and international events calendar  Being open access the information is free for full-text download.

The NLSA joins the World Digital Library Project : John Tsebe signed a partnership agreement with the World Digital Library Project (WDLP), a joint project of the Library of Congress and UNESCO, which makes significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world available on the internet   From a U.S. Embassy (South Africa Announcement):


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Posted by gaelicnotes on October 19, 2010

The GAELIC Strategic Plan

GAELIC Summer Camp 2010– don’t forget to mark this event in your diary (15-19th November) National Library of South Africa auditorium Pretoria.

Day 1 Marketing Fair

Day 2:  Reference staff and subject librarians.

Day 3 : Technical services and the IT services (incl system) staff

Day 4: Support staff and administrative staff

Day 5: “Labour relations”

Details to follow soon

VUMA! Project

VUMA!    for study information and resources including the Study Skills Tutorials.

The UNI Reviews area is a dedicated space for students to access information regarding all 23 public universities in SouthAfrica and share information.  Click here for access >>>

Disability Project

The Ford DMS Project  to investigate disability services in higher education on a national level is progressing well. Disability Management Services (DMS) has been contracted to undertake the research component of the project. As part of this project,benchmarking activities will be conducted by the Project Team members. Anlia Pretorius, Diane Bell and Tanya Healey visited various institutions in the United Kingdom from 2 – 12 October to assess what constitutes best practice at disability units in England.   Read more here>>>>

SALIT Project

The SALIT sponsored GAELIC project investigating library services to users with disabilities and is progressing well and we had responses to our survey from 8 of our members. Results have been recorded and the project is moving into the next phase of benchmarking for evaluation of the local results.

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Posted by gaelicnotes on September 23, 2010

Vuma! notes

Make use of the new  Bursary Guide which is an easily searchable Guide has been developed to provide information listing a number of organizations that offer bursaries at South African universities in 2011

Disability Notes

If you are asked to complete the survey on Library Services to Users with Disabilities please make sure that you are the right person or please pass it on and ensure that it is returned asap so that we can start to compile the results.

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Vuma! Portal Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Got Questions? – Ask VUMA!

Find answers to all your university and personal questions by searching the new VUMA! Advice Desk.

Find contact details for campus health centres , ideas on how to deal with relationship and other issues or send your questions and we’ll assist you in finding the right people to contact. Send questions to the Ask-it facility, If we don’t have the answers we’ll refer you to an expert who does!

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VUMA! Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 11, 2010

The VUMA! video is available on YouTube – please encourage the students to use VUMA! as a support resources and consider using it as a way to create your blog or as a means to communicate with them.

There are a lot of new and exciting options on the portal for 2010. Take a look at the TOP Ten survival tools for the beginning of this year…. 10. News and Events happening on the campuses.  9. Career profiles to find out more about study options & requirements 8. Keep an online journal at Blog-it!!! 7. Find articles and online information Library 6. Get a daily inspiration ‘Quote of the Day’ 5. Find friends – new and old. 4. Join in online discussions about university life, relationships, and lecturers – Say-it!!! 3.  Locate health centres, financial services, & important offices on your campus – UNI Contacts 2. find part-time work at your university.  1. Relax and have some fun

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Posted by gaelicnotes on June 7, 2010

The Vuma! portal steams ahead with many new developments and enhancements. Through the sterling efforts of Lawson and Anke and their visits to the members, registrations on the site are growing daily and the target of 10 000 will soon be reached. Mon 26 April, 2010:  April Total – 9,649 and counting……

Look out for the Campus Champions and give them your support. 10 students were selected across the 9 FOTIM member institutions to serve as Campus Champions and have been trained and equipped with information and materials to serve as VUMA! student ambassadors Read more>>>

Disability Programme: GAELIC members attended the FOTIM Disability group meeting and held discussions with members on how the library and disability units can work together to provide better services to users with disabilities. This is the initial discussion to set the scene for the library investigation into best practices for users with disabilities investigation that has been sponsored by the SALI Trust. We thank all who participated and ask you to keep your eyes out for our questionnaires and to volunteer if this is an area of specific interest to you too. Contact Carole at the GAELIC Office.   

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