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Disability Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

GAELIC is working closely with the FOTIM Disability group to conduct a survey into the current status of library service provision to users with disabilities. We are about to send out the survey and appeal to all who receive it to participate so that your institution can be reflected in this very worthwhile exercise. Let us know if you would also like to participate by sending an email to


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Welcome June 2010

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Feel it – it is here – well nearly – the 2010 Soccer World Cup and so many of you will be directly affected as the campuses are used by visiting teams and as park and ride facilities. It seems as if the whole world has gone just a      little bit mad.  

Enjoy it, with best wishes and good luck to all the teams that you are supporting.

Go Bafana go!        

Anke, Tanya, Carole, Lawson and Lorraine

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Library world news

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Found in an ALA magazine: The  @ your library brand application. LIASA used it to promote South Africa Library Week with a World Cup approach South Africa scores @ your library.  Read more from the Cape Librarian Sept 2009

5 ways the Google Books Settlement will change the future of reading

Annalee Newitz says it could easily be the 21st century’s most important shift in how we deal with copyright in the world of publishing. Read more>>>>

Please consider participating in the first online annual salary survey for the South African library sector being conducted by LIASA. The survey can be accessed at

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GAELIC Celebration

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Nelson Mandela papers published

The William Cullen Library which houses the historical papers and manuscripts at the    University of the Witwatersrand announced that the Nelson Mandela Papers had been  published. Michele Pickover, GAELIC’s Objective 3 Operational Manager and curator of this  section, says the papers were originally given by Nelson Mandela to Geoff Budlender. The  collection consist of nine documents (including some original notes written by Mandela)  that have been digitised and are available for download from the Historical Papers research  website.  Read more >>> or access the Rivonia Trial Collection

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Kay Raseroka gave her final presentation to the GAELIC group on the 24th May with a presentation entitled “Kay looks back”    The slides from this will be on the GAELIC web shortly. GAELIC presented her with a platter to remember us by.

Go well Kay!

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Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

We have just completed the external review of the FOTIM organisation and its processes and eagerly await the outcomes and suggestions to see how we can better serve our members. Watch this space….

The 2009 FOTIM Annual report is now available online. Read more about us>>>>

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Vuma! Portal Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Got Questions? – Ask VUMA!

Find answers to all your university and personal questions by searching the new VUMA! Advice Desk.

Find contact details for campus health centres , ideas on how to deal with relationship and other issues or send your questions and we’ll assist you in finding the right people to contact. Send questions to the Ask-it facility, If we don’t have the answers we’ll refer you to an expert who does!

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GAELIC strategic Plan

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Strategic Plan report back

We held a very well attended AGM at the Vaal University of Technology Library where we were warmly welcomed by their new head, Mrs Norma Robert. The GAELIC Governing Board discussed many new and exciting plans for 2010 and the Objective Teams are busy planning and implementing these.

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Objective 1: Promote Optimal Use of the Millennium System in GAELIC member libraries

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

The group held their first meeting of the year and has elected Maria Sibanda (of University of Limpopo) as the incoming Convenor – congratulations. They are busy planning a show and tell workshop for August.

Some new challenges to consider: First non-Latin web addresses go live where Arab nations lead the change to make the world wide web more user friendly. Net regulator Icann has switched on a system that allows full web addresses to contain no Latin characters.    Read more>>>>>>

The ALA Office for Information Technology Policy has published a useful document entitled “Checking out the future: perspectives from the library community on information technology and 21st century libraries” Down load here>>>>>

Need to promote WorldCat? Access here for various promotional materials to download and customization

Stanford Prepares For Its Bookless Science Library Stanford University moves toward the creation of its first “bookless library” as it packs up and empties the physical contents of the two old Physics and Engineering libraries. Read more from the The Kept-Up Academic Librarian

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Objective 2 Build capacity through identification and provision of training needs and services for the optimal utilization of resources

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

The Team held a very productive strategic planning session and are now well on their    way with planning the Summer Training Camp which will be held over a full week this  year during November. This event will include the Marketing Fair and details will be  sent out soon. Congratulations to Nkisheng Mphahlele of TUT on her selection as the  incoming Operational Manager for this Objective.  The Proposal Writing and Fundraising  workshop held at Wits was a wonderful event with numerous pertinent issues raised.

Many thanks to the Wits Foundation team for their input. .

Presentations will be available on the web soon.

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Disability Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Accessible e-Books – New best practice guide for publishing industry, a report on how  to make electronic book reading more accessible to people with disabilities by the implementation of existing technologies.. Read morefrom the Headstar Bulletin May  2010 >>>>>>>

The Internet Archive launched a new Open Library service during May to bring free access to more than 1 million books for visually challenges persons. Digitized into DAISY, the files can be downloaded to devices that translate the text and read the books aloud for the user to enjoy.

Watch a YouTube video (4:08) about DAISY.   Read more from the Internet Archive, May  2010

Elsevier wins an award for making resources accessible to disabled people Read more here>>>>

Many thanks to the CILIP Newsletter for many of the articles used

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Capacity building Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Raising your internal profile as an academic liaison librarian. Read more from Research Information Network

Making the most of your career : advice for new academic librarians by René Tanner.   From College and research libraries news (71 (5) May 2010)

UK site for young professionals. Read about how LLUK and MLA, the Museums, Libraries & Archives councilhave collaborated on a new website to highlight the opportunities for young people in libraries, archives and information services. It showcases real life people profiles and current job roles in libraries, archives and information services settings. Take a look at the site >>>>

Coaching in the Library by Ruth Metz

A professional coach can help leaders and staff up their game in dealing with an ever-changing environment and shrinking resources.  From American Libraries Magazine

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Objective 3 Improve cost efficiency through joint procurement and resources sharing

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Having got the support and approval of the Governing Board members to actively re instate this objective area we will be working hard to establish the specific focus for the team.

Universities in Southern Africa have rallied to support the rebuilding of higher education in Zimbabwe,Read about the call to action by Karen MacGregor (9 May 2010) at the Cape Town Accord

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Open Access

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Some useful reports to consider:The Global research report on Africa 2010 provides useful information about research trends in African countries and the problems & challenges

And The Feasibility study on the AfricaConnect Initiative (Dec 08-Dec 09) which highlights ICT challenges and opportunities in Africa and the implications for African research. With thanks to Denise Nicholson

The Blue Ribbon Task Force issues final report: Sustainable preservation of our digital knowledge base must be a priority which deals qwith tht need to ensure that valued digital information will be accessible in the future. Read the report >>>>> and the comment on the 4th March 2010 by OCLC >>>>

DOAJ reaches another milestone by reaching the 5000 journal title markRead Heather Morrisons comments on the OA Librarian blog

SABINET announces the arrival of The African Journal Archive which is a retrospective digitisation project of full-text journal articles published in Africa, in the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities Read more >>>>

20 Most Popular Open Source Software Ever from Tripwire Magazine, by Tom Walker (March 10, 2010) Read more>>>>

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Blog Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Need to find a conference? Take a look at the UNISA blog featuring upcoming events & conferences.  Read more here>>>>

The Library History Buff Blog by Larry Nix has some wonderful items to read about “Promoting the appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of our library heritageRead about the Oldest overdue notice (Tues Feb 16 2010)    

Remember Lux Radio Theater? Well you can access and download 108 programmes to assist you remember. Visit the site here >>>> Lux Radio Theater was a radio anthology series, running 1 hour versions of popular Hollywood films from 1934 -1955. Though a bit atmospheric, with pops and crackles, audience laughter and applause this is an fascinating collection.

Thanks to the Cilip blog.

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Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

A survey finds that librarians spend an average 22 minutes a day reading print publications relating to their job and an average 10 minutes a day reading library-themed blogs. Read about the report by Jill Laster   (CHE March 5, 2010)

An insight into the 4G future by Paul Taylor Read more>>> May 27 2010

Thanks  to the CILIP Newsletter

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Take Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Five Tips For Successful Webinars Good webinars need to have a relevant topic and a great presenter, Read up on tips to help you achieve this>>>

Digital Cameras in the Reading Room’. This “Capture and Release” report presents practical suggestions on best practices for allowing digital cameras in special collections reading rooms. From OCLC >>>

10 Simple Google Search Tricks by Simon Mackie Read more from the New York Times

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Library Trivia Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Tips for using old catalogue card drawers Read about 11 uses for repurposed card catalogs and see them transformed into coffee tables and bookcases.
(Poetic Home Living in Vintage Poetry, Apr. 6–7)

Don’t show this one to the fine arts students this one…. How Brian Dettmer makes sculptures out of books by By Charlie Burton Have a look>>>>

According to the Library World Records by Godfrey Oswald, the earliest university library was probably the Buddhist Takshila (Takshashila or Taxila) University, established around 600 B.C.  Read more>>>>

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Future Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

World Library and Information Congress: 76th IFLA General Conference and Assembly “Open access to knowledge – promoting sustainable progress” 10-15 August 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden  Registration is open for IFLA 2010

Annual UNISA LIS Research Symposium – 29 and 30 July 2010.  Unisa School for Business Leadership (SBL), Midrand, Theme: Towards the 2020 African library and beyond Website: ttp://

PROLISA  (Progress in Library and Information Science in Southern Africa) Sixth biennial DISSAnet Conference UNISA, Pretoria   9 – 11 March 2011.  Call for papers Contact Patrick Ngulube ,   Website

2nd UNISA Storytelling Festival and Conference on Reading Promotion and Storytelling for Children 6-8 October 2010.  Pretoria. Dept. of Information Science (UNISA)Children’s Literature Research Unit Prof Thomas van der Walt, UNISA Website:

12th Annual LIASA Conference. 27 Sept to 1 Oct 2010 in Gauteng. Theme: “Libraries driving access to Knowledge”. Website : Call for papers

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Quote of Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

You have to learn from the mistakes of others. You won’t live long enough to make them all yourself. Admiral Hyman Rickover

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