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Welcome Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on December 15, 2010

Dear All

Well we have nearly reached the end of another year and what a year this has been with much football excitement and many challenges.  I know that everyone is feeling the need to slow down and relax a bit and though many have gone off on their leave breaks already there are still a few of us slogging away. So happy reading.

It is with great sadness that we closed the Wits Office in Senate House on the 10th of December and bid farewell to Lorraine Young who ran the office for the past year or two.

It is also with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Lawson Ricketts the Assitant Manager of the VUMA! Portal Programme.

We shall miss you both!!!

This will be the last posting for 2010 so I want to say Best Wishes for season and travel safely and see you in the New Year

The Staff of FOTIM wish you well over the festive season and strength for the new year and thank you for all the support given us during 2010

Anke, Lawson, Lorraine, Tanya and Carole

(PS read about the book tree below under Library Trivia Notes)


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Welcome Notes

Posted by gaelicnotes on October 19, 2010

Welcome notes

Welcome to the lovely weather we are having and the blossoms on the trees. It will soon be time for exams so remember to direct the students to the VUMA! portal for some help in this area

For those who attended LIASA, hope you had a good time networking and learned lots of new things


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Welcome Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on September 23, 2010

Dear colleagues

The Soccer World Cup has come and gone and what a show we gave them. Well done to all. Now it is back to the grindstone and to work. Keep your eyes out for the various events on offer for the second half of the year and book your seat. Hope to see you there.
Keep warm, keep happy, keep smiling!

Anke, Tanya, Lawson, Lorraine and Carole

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Welcome June 2010

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 18, 2010

Feel it – it is here – well nearly – the 2010 Soccer World Cup and so many of you will be directly affected as the campuses are used by visiting teams and as park and ride facilities. It seems as if the whole world has gone just a      little bit mad.  

Enjoy it, with best wishes and good luck to all the teams that you are supporting.

Go Bafana go!        

Anke, Tanya, Carole, Lawson and Lorraine

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Welcome Note

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 11, 2010

Welcome to the Class of 2010

Welcome back colleagues

It’s back to the grindstone with many of us already up and running, having dealt with the first intake of students and presented the introductory library orientation sessions. 2010 promises to be a busy and exciting year and all of us at the FOTIM Office wish you success and strength as you face the challenges.

Zodwa, Anke, Tanya, Lawson & Carole

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Welcome April 2010

Posted by gaelicnotes on June 7, 2010

Dear colleagues

There is such excitement in the air – perhaps caused by those lucky enough to have tickets for the World Cup or perhaps it is because the leaves are falling and the weather is changing.

Let us celebrate and show our allegiance by wearing our supporter colours on Football Fridays!

We bid farewell to Dr. Zodwa Magwenzi (the FOTIM Director) who left us last month for greener pastures and wish her lots of happiness and success in her new position.

In the meantime, GAELIC continues to receive much support from FOTIM colleagues.

Thanks Anke, Tanya, Lawson and Lorraine

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